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Who We Are

Business professionals with relevant experience to help you

Jim Coyle, Certified EOS Implementer, Chief Advisor

Jim Coyle has over 20 years of helping companies obtain the level of success they were built to achieve. Jim has owned and operated many of his own small to midsized business operations (SMB) and realized that small businesses need their own set of solutions. He ‘cut his teeth’ in the corporate consulting culture for awhile, working with the likes of Ocean Spray, Allstate, Accenture, Bombardier and other Fortune 500 companies. However, Jim gained his true SMB expertise by working through the issues and opportunities that all small business owners face.

Jim’s approach for bringing real results to SMB companies is looking at the business as a whole and then helping the owner(s) and their leadership teams to implement practical solutions to road blocks that are getting in their way. Jim is not just about providing businesses with the right answer, but helping them implement that right answer to create real life business solutions. This approach fit so well with the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) model that Jim teamed up with EOS worldwide to become one of their few trained Implementers. For more information on EOS please see our page on the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Jim had also caught the eye of another organization focused on practical solutions for SMB organizations. Due to Jim’s abilities and his unique approach, he became accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). The IIB is an international accreditation body of business advisors from every type of business imaginable. The IIB recently acknowledged Jim’s continued success by making him a Fellow of the organization. By working with Jim, you will have his expertise on your side plus the support of over 4,000 other talented business minds around the world.

If you don’t think your business is achieving the level of success it was built to achieve, send Jim a message about setting up a meeting on his dime.

David Bowman, Professional EOS Implementer

David Bowman joins Nexus Business Solutions as a contributing consultant and EOS Implementer.  David has been a team-based improvement consultant and speaker for 25 years.  The system he developed for organizational effectiveness is extremely similar to the EOS model, making him natural fit for our organization.  David has served organizations from Fortune 100 companies to small family owned ventures in a wide range of industries.

David served as Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer, and President for clients seeking his talents internally to their organization. His experience running day-to-day operations has proved him to be a competent, creative, and knowledgeable executive in both turnaround and growth environments.

David has been involved in a variety of improvement initiatives. Namely the reduction in operating costs, including the shrinking of manufacturing operations through the use of Lean/Six Sigma concepts, which promoted teamwork and employee involvement.  He was able to combine a two-plant, 70k square foot manufacturing process into a smaller 25k square foot facility with an increase in throughput and efficiencies.

He has used team-based continuous improvement processes to launch a variety of initiatives that include: the reduction of product offerings, standardization of existing products, the development of new business models, and marketing strategies. He has helped organizations significantly tighten fiscal policies, and instill high levels of fiscal discipline.

David’s passion is helping leadership teams instill a sense of purpose and accountability in order to achieve greatness.

Ken Bogard, Certified EOS Implementer

Ken Bogard joined Nexus Business Solutions with a background in turnaround management and business leadership. He has over 10 years of management and consultative experience in numerous industries. His “know honesty” approach has delivered significant financial gains, improved leadership collaboration, structured strategic direction, and developed “built-to-last” mentalities within numerous small and medium sized organizations.

Ken’s enthusiasm for results, fearless attitude, and extensive educational and professional experience, provide the momentum organizations need to achieve greater heights.  He naturally gravitates towards identifying issues, bringing them to the surface, and developing strategies to combat an array of business pains. Some of Ken’s successes have included: organizational restructuring, owner buyout, pricing strategies, marketing, talent acquisition, operations management, aggressive sales approaches, change management, and team alignment.

His range of experiences, from non-profit to public and privately owned businesses, have given him the ability to identify opportunities from a variety of perspectives. The pains and pleasures of companies are remarkably alike, desperately requiring a simplistic and effective approach to get quick results.  The initiatives Ken has implemented in the past, perfectly align him with the EOS approach and Nexus Business Solutions’ strategies.

Ken’s passion lies in making every organization he touches succeed at a greater level.  As he collaborates with owners and leaders, he knows the rewards stem from uncovering the right strategic path for you and your team.

Ian Shafer, EOS Implementer

Nexus Business Solutions welcomes Ian Shafer as our newest contributing consultant and EOS Implementer. Ian has been actively using and implementing the EOS tools over the last four years. He is a welcomed addition due to his entrepreneurial experience and his shared passion for helping people and businesses maximize their potential.

His background working in the Fortune 200 world, technology start-up environments, and small business operations have given him a unique perspective into how different companies function. His value-driven approach, growth mindset, and hunger to get to the root of conflict, helps teams  work though roadblocks to reach their desired milestones, quarter after quarter.

Ian has put into place process-driven performance programs to improve business development cycles, clarify product offerings, and realign teams to strengthen vendor relations and drive annual goals. Some of his experiences have included: operational alignment, product restructuring, business development approaches, market research, customer experience management, and client acquisition strategizing.