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Every industry has gotten value from Nexus, from construction companies to manufacturers to non-profits and  professional services.

“We got the best results we have gotten on our staff satisfaction survey and I attribute this directly to our staff applying these strategies at all levels. Thank You”

Steve Springsdorf, CEO, YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo

Organizations that were once stressed and frustrated with unclear paths are now finding an easier way. At Nexus Business Solutions we have enabled organizations to reach their true potential. We have achieved these results by implementing a simple set up tools to ease their worries, reignite their passion, and allow them to take confident steps toward their future.

Some past and current clients:




double o

firefly grill

gillespie group

interior office solutions


knight watch

molen and associates



reliable aftermarket parts

us hemp

hr collaborative

kalamazoo community foundation

grand rapids chamber


rpm machinery


kenney outdoor
































“Nexus brought a fresh air of accountability, a common vernacular and a step by step guide to breaking through our ceiling. Jim is an expert pilot and few things are more effective than being trained by the best.

Prior to inviting in Jim, our restaurant was running us. We knew that our culture was stuck back in start-up mode where Niall and I did everything. It was strangling our amazing team and reducing our time to the most scarce of commodities. When I took the organizational check-up I knew immediately we needed this. These tools, steps and processes are so simply and so obvious in hindsight, yet amazingly very few teams slow down long enough to embrace them.

This road hasn’t been easy but there is no question it has been worth it. We now have a shared vision, clear expectations, a road map and level of engagement that seemed impossible a year ago. I trust Jim implicitly and he in turn has taught me to trust our team and this process. What a gift. We are very grateful.”

Kristie Campbell, Co-founder, firefly grill

“If you are a business owner who feels like things have gotten really hard, like your company has plateaued, and like you can’t seem to get things back on track, this is right for you. If you are open to new ways of looking at things and are hungry for growth, you are right for this. Jim Coyle with Nexus Business Solutions, is the perfect guide to help you navigate the system. He is an excellent coach and teacher, and he’ll get you and your team working together to overcome your toughest obstacles. He is kind, yet direct and tough – exactly what you want in a coach. The system is simple and time-tested – an excellent vehicle to help you and your team get over any hurdle, as well as unify and work toward your vision. I absolutely recommend Jim!”

Rachel Hitow, President, Modernistic® (West Michigan)
“I can honestly say that the concepts provided, at every level within this system, is crucial to the growth of any business…From the very start, our facilitator, Jim Coyle, has had the ability to listen, understand, and then add common-sense “reason” into helping us to fine tune the proven business logic of the system to break down and solve the most detailed challenges within the daily flow of our business processes.”
Jeff McMichael, Director of Manufacturing, Loader Parts Source
“Hiring Nexus Business Solutions was one of the smartest decisions we made.”
Sally Adler, Program, Director Dept of Child / Adolescent Psychiatry Cook County Hospital
“With their insight, innovative ideas, and tenacity we are looking better than we ever dreamed.”
Deej Leggitt, Owner, Ronora Lodge And Retreat Center
“Nexus has brought forth to this company, a totally different attitude of structured growth and thinking.”
Samuel Mancino, President, Samuel Mancino's Italian Eatery Corporate Franchise
“Nexus facilitates our Advisory Board meetings, re-structured our office staff, and helped us take the next steps to growing the business.”
Sonia Callen, Franchise Liaison Of Samuel Mancino's Italian Eatery Corporate Franchise

“Nexus has given me extremely valuable insight into the how’s and why’s of researching every aspect of my business venture.”

Turnera Croom, Managing Partner Steadfast International
“Nexus was quickly able to grasp the necessary understandings of our organization, our world view, our context, and our needs.”
Joel S. Richman, Phd, Director Umbrella Tree Studio
“Nexus navigates the winding road of business issues, strengthening them to a positive conclusion.”
Chris Schneider, Cfo Of Nu-Ventures
“I would recommend Nexus Business Solutions to anyone who needs a jump start to get their stagnant business back on track and moving forward again.”
Tom Brown, Owner

Our proven method has provided value to a host of different companies. Clients have ranged from restaurants to non-profits and financial advisors to transportation brokers. We have helped clients manage multiple companies, divisions, and even franchisees (see partial list of clients on this page). Catering to such a variety of independent business owners and organizations has only worked because Nexus Business Solutions works with a simple set of tools that has well over a decade of proven results.

Don’t just trust us. Listen to one of our clients in the video below:

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