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Jim Coyle has over 15 years of helping companies obtain the level of success they were built to achieve. Jim has owned and operated many of his own small to midsized business operations (SMB) and realized that small businesses need their own set of solutions. Read more about Jim here.

Are Your Leaders the Team Your Company Deserves?

Do you know how many people are directly affected by the work you do? I ask leadership teams this question, and they usually they answer with the number of people they employ—75 or 100 or 120. “How about your vendors, employees’ families, and all your customers?” I ask. Some light bulbs start turning on, and [...]

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Clarity before Commitment

February 22, 2018 Before you ask your employees to commit to the company's vision, you need to make sure they are clear on just what the vision is. Allow them to ask questions so that they can understand exactly where you are going and their role in getting there. Jim explains how ambiguity can lead [...]

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The Essential Habit Most Entrepreneurial Leaders Are Missing

Most entrepreneurial leaders are great at doing, but they’re not so great at thinking. That’s a mistake that always comes back to bite them, eventually. I was at a recent session with a client. We were discussing a specific issue, trying to get to the root (a process called IDSing), when the team realized that [...]

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Looking Back During Annual Planning

February 8, 2018 Everyone knows that Annual Planning is about looking forward, but Jim discusses the importance of looking back too. It's a great time celebrate all that you have accomplished in the past year. This generates excitement and gets your team connected and ready to take on the new year. With insight from Mike [...]

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The best policy? It really is honesty.

January 25, 2018 Often co-workers shy away from honesty, fearing conflict, but as Jim explains, every healthy relationship, needs heathy conflict. If you are respectful, and do not make it about the person, you're well on your way to a more healthy team. With insight from Connie Chwan - Enter the Danger, Exit with Results

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Giving Your Team the Gift of Your Presence

January 18, 2018 We pride ourselves on being multi-taskers. We couldn't get everything done if we didn't multi-task, but as Jim's explains, there is a time and a place when it works. When you need to the hard work of thinking through a problem, or when you are working with your team, is neither the [...]

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Mastering Silence

January 11, 2018 After selling you on the power of silence in last week's segment, Jim now offers 3 important tips to help you become a Master of Silence.   With insight from Jill Young: Let Silence do the Heavy Lifting

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