Got Humans?

February 3, 2016 I define a business as a group that takes human energy and creates value. Since humans are an integral part of any business, we need to think about their limitations. Actually, as humans, we have a lot of limitations. We can’t run 60 miles an hour, we are not able to teleport, [...]

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Rocks For All – Simplified

December 2, 2015 by Mike Paton A few months ago I published a blog post entitled Too Small To Make a Difference? Too Small To Make a Difference? The point of the article is that everyone in a business matters—from the owner to the newest “front line” hire. I further suggested that entrepreneurs work hard [...]

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Monkey Insurance and Letting Go of the Vine

November 5, 2015 Have you ever struggled with letting someone else do something that you know you can do faster, better, and with less effort? If you are thinking “Well sure, why the heck would I let someone do something that I could do faster, better and with less effort?” Good question. If you really [...]

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