Why You Should Manage All Your Employees Like Millennials

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was struggling with managing a millennial. She asked me for thoughts on how to best manage her younger staff. As we talked, I realized that Millennials take a bad rap for being needy for things that we as leaders and managers should be doing anyway. I [...]

From Your Head to Your Heart

April 5, 2016 Over the years, as I have worked through my own personal journey I have been known to say, “The longest journey many of us take is the journey from our heart to our head”. Being able to articulate what we feel and help people understand who we truly are. I heard the [...]

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The Myth of Work Life Balance

March 8, 2016 I was at meeting this morning with The Business Round Table and the topic was “Work Life Balance.” There was a great group of leaders at the meeting who had some really great insights on the topic. One of the things I mentioned was a book called Off Balance by Matthew Kelly. [...]

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