Your Team Needs More Moments of Truth

Do you find moments of truth to be elusive in the workplace? Even if you’re at a place that is ethical and are surrounded by people that aim to do the right thing, the truth can still be elusive. And when we don’t have complete truth in the workplace, perception wins. I want to share [...]

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Make Your Meetings Worth Every Minute

In a perfect world we would be thrilled about the next meeting on our calendar. Excited for those riveting moments that take place while seeing our colleagues in action. Anticipating the course changes we may decide on that will have a profound impact on our company’s future. But that’s a distant world from the reality [...]

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Got Humans?

February 3, 2016 I define a business as a group that takes human energy and creates value. Since humans are an integral part of any business, we need to think about their limitations. Actually, as humans, we have a lot of limitations. We can’t run 60 miles an hour, we are not able to teleport, [...]

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