The Dissenting Voice By Jim Coyle

  Early on in my work as an advisor and probably a year or so into my tenure as an EOS Implementer®, I found that I really liked agreement. I wanted my teams to agree so we could solve more issues, complete Rocks sooner, and keep things running smoothly. It felt like more value was [...]

Visionary/Integrator Communication Challenges

By David Bowman Often when there are relationship challenges between Visionaries and Integrators™, it’s due to a communication failure. These challenges sometimes require a facilitated “clear the air” session, where we usually discover that the Visionary has failed to communicate expectations to the Integrator. To quote one of the EOS® founders, Don Tinney, “The root [...]

The Mindset to Achieve

I have a little plaque on my desk that reads: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” This way of thinking empowers me to make difficult decisions every day. It gives me courage to push past self-doubt and try new things. This is the mindset of people who create; [...]

COVID Pressure-Tested Companies. Did Your Business Show Cracks?

I was doing a number of Annual Planning Sessions and Quarterly meetings over the winter and spring. In these meetings, we discuss lessons learned. One thing that has become clear is that COVID pressure-tested leaders, team members, teams, client relationships, and many other aspects of running a business. Not one of my teams used this [...]

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Reflections on 2020

By David Bowman As most business people know, life is about choices.  We are generally a group of “deal with reality no matter how much it hurts” type of people.  2020 was gracious enough to provide us with a ton of opportunities to make choices.  The challenge is, left to our own devices, we don’t [...]

How Do You Catch A Monkey In The Wild?

By Ian Shafer It might be easier than you think. You may have heard of this simple, yet fascinating, tactic used to capture monkeys. All it requires is a bunch of bananas and a small cage. Surprisingly, the cage is for the bananas, not the monkey. It seems that the trapper simply travels into the [...]

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Certainty in Uncertain Times

These are most certainly uncertain times.  In my sessions with clients over the last few months, the underlying cause for this uncertainty is COVID, but what specifically each of the leaders is uncertain about varies.  As one of my clients said, “Jim, I actually have no idea what we should do.” The problem with all [...]

Keep Calm and Prioritize: 3 Simple Lessons from Navy SEALs to Help Us Now

By Ian Shafer “When it comes to stress, don’t fight it. Turn it on itself and use it. Use it to make yourself sharper and more alert. Use it to make yourself think more and learn more.” - Jocko Willink I recommended the book “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink to a client that has a [...]

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Client COVID IDS Sessions

By David Bowman This strange time period we’ve been experiencing has provided an opportunity for reflections of my past experiences, and all the times I thought I had life figured out. I began my post-Marine Corps career as an accountant, having earned my degree while serving.  Very quickly, I learned that I liked helping others [...]

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Company Guide for Coronavirus

Hello.  If you are in Michigan, or any of the other areas under “Shelter in Place” orders, then you are now at home (like me). Maybe with kids pounding on the floors (like me), or ones that come into your space every few minutes (like me).  However, just because we are at home, please know [...]

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