3 Ways to Make Your Culture Matter More

Have you ever stopped to think about what culture you’re promoting in your business? Company culture is inevitable. Every place humans exist so does some presence of culture. From your home to your local grocery store, from our West Michigan community to your company’s working environment, culture exists.  And in the business world, culture can [...]

Clarity Creates Impact

I recently had the honor of doing a breakout session at the EOS Annual Conference in Atlanta. My presentation was on the discipline of Scorecards and Measurables.  As I dug into my topic, I had a big a-ha moment...I realized one of the key reasons that EOS® is such a transformational force for businesses is that Clarity [...]

Does Everyone in Your Company Have a Number?

A couple of months back, I asked, “Do you and your scorecard measure up?” If you rolled up your sleeves and can now answer with, “Darn right, Jim. We are dialed in!” Then, it’s time to take it to the next level.  It’s time to get to the point where every team has a scorecard, every [...]

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Oh, The Life of a Visionary

As a visionary have you ever thought, “Everyone keeps telling me what I can and can’t do!  I own this place and at the end of the day I’m going to do what I think is best!”? Before EOS Oh, the life of a frustrated Visionary™.  On some level, we know that we frustrate people [...]

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Good Parents Do This… 3 Quick, Timeless Tips to be an Effective Manager

Are your employees acting up? Not doing what you want them to do? Not getting the message? Simply put, this one could be on you, and you need to own it before things get out of hand. For centuries, there have been three tried and true methods for being a great manager; These methods include [...]

“West Michigan Nice” Strikes Again

“West Michigan Nice is this strange cultural loophole around issues where you can’t seem to get full honesty from your closest neighbor, your coworker, and sometimes even your family.” Our culture of wanting to please people and avoid disruption is spilling into the workplace, which makes understanding the true condition of our companies nearly impossible. [...]

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3 Ways to Build Trust In Your Organization

This article originally appeared on the EOS Worldwide blog on December 20, 2018. The foundation to a healthy team = trust. The fabric of all organizations = teams. So, the more trusting your teams are, the healthier you will be as an organization. I just did what Ms. Shultz taught you in your dreaded geometry [...]

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Are Your Leaders Ready to Do the Hard Work of Leadership?

Leadership is hard! As Gino Wickman and René Boer point out in the book How to be a Great Boss, it’s not for everyone. Please do a lot of soul-searching before taking on a Leadership, Management and Accountability™ (LMA™) role in your organization or allowing others to do so. I recently saw an example lived [...]

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Does Your Scorecard Measure Up?

I was recently working in a local coffee shop when one of my previous clients stopped at my table to announce that they had just revamped all of their Scorecards. He said that the process revealed the need to make some people changes. The exercise created real clarity and made their decisions easier, because they [...]

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