About David Bowman

David Bowman has over 25 years experience helping leaders and teams become their best. He is a believer in W.E. Demings's philosophy, "put a good person in a bad system and the system wins every time." David is passionate that EOS is that better system for entrepreneurial organizations.

The 4 Stages of Open and Honest

By David Bowman Almost all new clients beginning their journey are taking a leap of faith with the hope that EOS® will help them to actualize their already successful organization’s true potential. In order to reach this potential, EOS requires each individual in a leadership team to develop the skill of being totally “Open and [...]

Be Kind To Your Visionary

By David Bowman Have you noticed that your Visionary has been really thrown off her game and doesn’t seem to be coping as well since life and our social structures have been thrown into chaos?  Do you remember in your Focus Day™ or whenever you took your first cut at your Accountability Chart, and your [...]

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Client COVID IDS Sessions

By David Bowman This strange time period we’ve been experiencing has provided an opportunity for reflections of my past experiences, and all the times I thought I had life figured out. I began my post-Marine Corps career as an accountant, having earned my degree while serving.  Very quickly, I learned that I liked helping others [...]

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Are You Going to Tell Them, or Am I?

By David Bowman How often have you been undermined as a leader, or in EOS® terminology, as an LMA™ (a responsibility on the Accountability Chart that represents Lead, Manage, and Accountability)? Undermining LMA This happens for a variety of reasons, from a variety of different people, in a variety of different seats within an organization.  [...]

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Unpacking Issues with EOS and the Issues List

By David Bowman It’s often true, that an Issue placed on the Issues List is a symptom of something much larger or complex than originally understood.  It’s truly a skill that takes time to hone for a team to get really good at the “Identify” component of IDSTM (Identify-Discuss-Solve). Using the Issues List to Address [...]

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Is Your Company Leadership Working as a Team?

By David Bowman It’s the responsibility of the leadership team to create Vision, Traction, and Healthy within their organization. First, each team member’s job is to ensure that they are absolutely on the same page with where the organization is going and how they intend to get there. Next, they have to ensure that the [...]

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When in Doubt, Follow the Process

Have you ever wanted to get in a room with a team in conflict and just let the emotions out? I recently was asked to facilitate a session for a client who was negotiating with a major partner who is not an EOS® company.  The partner company was a subsidiary of a larger organization.  The [...]

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Oh, The Life of a Visionary

As a visionary have you ever thought, “Everyone keeps telling me what I can and can’t do!  I own this place and at the end of the day I’m going to do what I think is best!”? Before EOS Oh, the life of a frustrated Visionary™.  On some level, we know that we frustrate people [...]

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Confidentiality – Culture Killer

Today we're talking about the type of confidentiality that tends to result in people unloading on each other. You need to remember that important issues need to be talked about in the open, not in a stealthy manner. While confidentiality can be important in some cases, it can destroy the culture and the organization in [...]

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Are Your Leaders Ready to Do the Hard Work of Leadership?

Leadership is hard! As Gino Wickman and René Boer point out in the book How to be a Great Boss, it’s not for everyone. Please do a lot of soul-searching before taking on a Leadership, Management and Accountability™ (LMA™) role in your organization or allowing others to do so. I recently saw an example lived [...]

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