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David Bowman has over 25 years experience helping leaders and teams become their best. He is a believer in W.E. Demings's philosophy, "put a good person in a bad system and the system wins every time." David is passionate that EOS is that better system for entrepreneurial organizations.

Oh, The Life of a Visionary

As a visionary have you ever thought, “Everyone keeps telling me what I can and can’t do!  I own this place and at the end of the day I’m going to do what I think is best!”? Before EOS Oh, the life of a frustrated Visionary™.  On some level, we know that we frustrate people [...]

Confidentiality – Culture Killer

Today we're talking about the type of confidentiality that tends to result in people unloading on each other. You need to remember that important issues need to be talked about in the open, not in a stealthy manner. While confidentiality can be important in some cases, it can destroy the culture and the organization in [...]

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Are Your Leaders Ready to Do the Hard Work of Leadership?

Leadership is hard! As Gino Wickman and René Boer point out in the book How to be a Great Boss, it’s not for everyone. Please do a lot of soul-searching before taking on a Leadership, Management and Accountability™ (LMA™) role in your organization or allowing others to do so. I recently saw an example lived [...]

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Culture, The Foundation Of Strategy

At a certain point, everyone realizes that to run a business you need some help. Nothing can help streamline and clearly identify your company like the Entrepreneurial Operating System. EOS can help you develop a culture that leads into the foundation for an integrated business strategy. There is a misconception that the culture of your [...]

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How EOS Could Change Your Personal Life

Recently, I facilitated a Vision Building™ 1 session with a client. This is the second of the beginning sessions, and it had been 30 days since we had our Focus Day™ session. As always, we shared our personal and professional bests at the beginning of the meeting. The CEO began by saying, “My personal and [...]

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Think You Know Your Company Values? Think Again!

Last year, I was preparing for my second session in a new client’s journey implementing EOS. In the first session I had spoken of their need to commit to EOS as their single operating system. I knew that I would need to reinforce this commitment many times, and I got the opportunity almost immediately. [...]

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The Critical Difference Between an Accountability Chart and an Org Chart

When I introduce leadership teams to EOS, they often ask me, “What’s the difference between an Accountability Chart™ and an organizational chart?” It’s a good question, because at first glance the two concepts appear the same. But there’s a critical difference, and it’s important that your leadership team understands what makes the Accountability Chart so [...]

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Why Is It Hard for Business Leaders to Know What They Want?

When people ask me what I do for a living, I say that I help business leaders get what they want from their business. But I’ve found that most business leaders don’t really know what they want—other than some vague concept of growth, passing something on to their kids, or getting acquired. Maybe that’s why [...]

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Culture Doesn’t Beat Strategy—It’s the Foundation of Strategy

The very question of which is more important—company culture or strategy—misses the mark. If your business consists of more than one person, your company has a culture. The fact that you’re successful, and your business has a viable plan for creating a positive economic impact for your employees and your customers, indicates you have a [...]

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10 Tips for Better Accountability

Are you sick and tired of people not being accountable and not taking ownership of basic levels of performance? Is there a lack of accountability at the leadership team level—even though the organization has been involved in huge efforts to be more data-oriented? Maybe your peers helped create performance scoreboards and dashboards to hold their [...]

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