September 6, 2013

You Think You Can Walk on Water - Nexus Business Solutions

Have you felt like your company, department, or even yourself has been going through the motions but you just aren’t getting any traction? Does it feel like you are walking through molasses and things have become a bit chaotic? If it makes you feel better, know that this is normal. If you are not feeling like you are stuck, unfortunately you will, because this is a natural phenomenon that happens to everyone and it is not an if, but a when. We call it “Hitting the Ceiling”.

The good news is there is hope. In the 1970s, Professor Larry Greiner from Southern California wrote an article called Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow. Greiner explained that companies don’t grow in straight lines but instead go through evolutionary periods and then get to a point where they have to revolutionize the way they do things. In other words, what got you here can’t get you there. This is a tough thing to really come to grips with. We have organizational leaders say to us, “but this is the way we have always done things and we have been rather successful.” As correct as they may be, the problem is these great leaders have taken their business to the edge of the land and keep trying to walk across the water. It just doesn’t work. Unless you are God. And, if that is the case, email me. I have a few questions.

Professor Greiner’s initial research determined that all companies hit the ceiling. A small few get through it, some flat-line, and others go out of business. When he conducted his research again recently, he found that companies didn’t really flat-line, they just took a bit longer to go out of business. The research pointed to the fact that organizations are like organisms. They are either growing or dying (think of that house plant in the corner of your office as a visual).

So, what do you do? If this is currently happening to you, then I bet you are frustrated. If it hasn’t happened yet, then it can be a bit like a dark cloud that is coming. But, like I mentioned before, there is hope! If you can master five leadership abilities, you will find that your company will push through the ceiling every time. The leadership abilities are: Simplify, Delegate, Predict, Systemize, and Structure. If you and your company as a whole are great at these five things, then you know how essential this advice is. If not, begin to develop ways to incorporate these five things into all that you do so that when you get to the water, you will already have a boat waiting.

I will be explaining the five abilities in more detail next month, but if you just can’t wait until then, shoot me an email or give me a call.

Make it a profitable Month.

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Jim Coyle
Chief Advisor
Nexus Business Solutions

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