Why Culture Matters and How to Shape It

Company culture is something that you hear a lot about, but is hard to define exactly. Jim helps us break down the broad concept of culture and really understand the need for a positive culture. As Peter Drucker famously said, culture eats strategy for breakfast. It is an increasingly important aspect of any business, and it impacts the way people feel about interacting with your brand. Jim discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with people who share the same values as you, and making sure that your employees care about the same things. Listen in as we discuss the top 5 ways to ensure you have a great culture on today’s episode.

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Jim Coyle has over 15 years of helping companies obtain the level of success they were built to achieve. Jim has owned and operated many of his own small to midsized business operations (SMB) and realized that small businesses need their own set of solutions. Read more about Jim here.