November 5, 2015

by Ed Callahan

Grammer in Dicitionary.jpg What’s in a preposition? Maybe everything when it comes to running your company. What I am talking about is the difference between BY and WITH.

Every successful company has a simple road map for their future. Among the mandatory items on that roadmap are: the company’s core values, the core focus of the company, its long-term vision, its marketing strategy for accomplishing that vision, its medium-term vision, its vision for the next year, the objectives it will work on for the next quarter, and a compilation of the opportunities and obstacles it doesn’t currently have the resources to handle. There may be other items on your company’s road map, but these are the basics.

If all you ever do with this information is share it WITH the rest of the company, it won’t have much impact. People will go about their days not contributing much to anything but the immediate task in front of them.

SHARED BY ALL, not shared with all.

But if this information is shared BY all of the employees, magic can happen. If this information is part of who they are, part of what they do, and is the basis for leadership and decision making – the flywheel of success will start to spin faster. Everybody contributes. The burden of the hard work necessary for success is borne by everybody.

If you make this information part of your interviewing process, part of your review process and part of your communication process in company quarterly meetings and weekly leadership and team meetings, lives will change. Like minded people will be attracted to your company. Those who don’t fit will be repelled. Energy will be shared and accretive.

If you don’t have a simple document to work with your for your company, consider downloading the EOS Worldwide’s Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO).
It’s two pages long and a great vehicle with which to begin your sharing.

This article first appeared on the EOS Worldwide Blog on November 3rd, 2015.

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