There was a fun promotion with libraries a few years back.  It was a national campaign that I was asked to be a part of for our local Kalamazoo Public Library.  For the campaign, I was asked, “What do you Geek about?”  The idea was our passions are the things that we show excitement for, and we Geek about them. (My Geek was about Small Businesses with a really Geeky picture of me – the “perfect” passionate Geek).  The concept stuck with me because I love passionate people.

Geeking with EOS Using GWC

A couple of weeks back, I was working with a team and digging into the concept of GWC ™.  The idea that someone truly GetsWants, and has the Capacity to be great at their job.  I said, “Get it is natural feel for a job and how all the moving parts come together – biochemistry.  Someone who is built to do the job.  Want it I hear best described in words like drive and love for their work.  Capacity is the experience and skills they have to excel in the specifics of their role, or the ability to manage their time, and have the physical, intellectual, and emotional capacity to shine.”

Right after this discussion, one of the quieter members of the team started describing some of the work she was doing.  Her smile got bigger and she really started to give all of us some great detail to what she was working on.  Her excitement and passion for the work were palatable.  She was Geeking out about the work she was doing.  I realized that a much better way of describing Want it would be, “What do you Geek about?”

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As a leader in your business, this concept is actually one of your main obligations.  It starts with you really knowing your team well enough to know what they are most passionate about.  Then, you can find them a role that most fits that passion.  A role where they truly come alive.  I would proport that if a person is this passionate about a job, they will most certainly Get it and have the Capacity to fulfill it.  Or as Dan Sullivan would say, they would be living their Unique Ability.  So, get out there and get your people Geeked.

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