May 4, 2016

3 Reasons Why.jpgLet’s simplify life at work. There are really only three reasons why one of your team members would fail. First, they are not the right people. This can be determined by identifying if they care about the same things as the company. Or, more simply, do they have the company’s core values? If they don’t, it doesn’t make them bad people. They just shouldn’t work at your company. The second reason a team member might fail is they are not in the right seat. They are not great at what they do. We have made it clear what is expected of them and they just aren’t performing at the level that is needed. Unfortunately, we have to let them go unless we can find a better seat for them.

The third reason gets a bit more personal. You (the leader / manager) could be the reason a team member is failing. This manifests in a number of ways but few of the more common reasons are that their roles and responsibilities aren’t clear, they aren’t getting the time and attention they need from you, they don’t have the tools or resources they need to be successful, or you haven’t determine how best to motivate them. This can be hard to hear but good people in a bad “system” look like bad people.

The month of May is about planting new seeds and cultivating growth. So, Dig in and really take the time to make your team the best they can be. Don’t be the reason they don’t work out.

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