December 2, 2015

Guy Taking Trash to Dump.jpeg So, I am having a smoothie with Amelia Baker-King and we are talking about the great things they do at The Barton Group. We get to talking about how she runs into the problem that some of her potential clients think they can do what she does and decide to go it alone. I shared an analogy I use with my clients who struggle with this same issue. The analogy goes like this: After a client tells me how much money they saved by doing something themselves, I say, “We will have to figure out where the dump is.” “Why?” they inevitably ask. “Because I am sure you can save some money by taking your own trash to the dump as well.”

May be a bit over the top but it gets my message across. Your time is worth so much more than your money – money you can make back. Talented entrepreneurs and leaders of small and mid-sized companies know this to be true. Time, on the other hand, is not something you can ever earn back. I am all for saving money but not at the expense of using the time of my very talented business leaders.

Think through all the times you should have had an expert help you accomplish a task or provide the advice you need. Instead, you spent time trying to figure it out on your own. The problem with this thinking, besides being a waste of your time, is you didn’t accomplish your goal as well as you could have if you would have just spent the money to get the know-how you needed. It has been proven that the most successful businesses are the ones that get the advice and expertise they need. Make sure to not only use the expertise of your local garbage man but all the other great advisors that are at your disposal (unintended pun – but a good one).

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