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Speaking Engagements

Our Next Speaking Engagment

Build IT Together Detroit 2017



Get A Grip On Your Business

Ideal Audiences

  • Peer groups
  • Industry associates
  • Franchise conferences
  • Convention keynotes


  • Keynotes
  • Full- and half-day workshops
  • Media appearances

Speaking Testimonials

“Jim has helped us from top to bottom. I would recommend him to anyone.”
Gary Miner, Owner, Mall City Mechanical
“Jim is very passionate about EOS and it shows when he speaks to groups about the impact the tools can have on your business.”
Heather Isch, Vice President, LKF Marketing
“What I have found is Jim’s strength comes not only from his vast knowledge but from the passion from which he delivers it.”
Samuel Mancino, President, Samuel Mancino’s Italian Eatery Corporate Franchise

David Bowman will be speaking at Build IT Together 2017 Detroit on October 4th, at Hop Cat Detroit.

Built IT Together is an event that brings together technology leaders and executives to explore trends and share insights surrounding technology strategy and innovation.


For details, go to: http://buildittogether.co/detroit-2017, or call David at (269) 806-7441.




A speaker, facilitator, teacher, and consummate entrepreneur, Jim Coyle utilizes a dynamic and passionate approach to help organizations appreciate the difference between surviving and thriving. His engaging and action-oriented content is built specifically for business and non-profit leaders. Seminar and workshop participants will:

  • Understand the six keys to building a truly great organization
  • See how a simple tool can get everyone’s energy moving in the same direction
  • Discover the characteristics of a great team member
  • Learn how to implement discipline and accountability into all levels of their organization

Using real life examples and an energetic passion for business solutions, Jim introduces participants to a holistic system consisting of a simple set of tools used by thousands of leadership teams. One of only a few implementers worldwide certified in Entrepreneurial Operating System model, Jim is a wealth of business knowledge with unique insights and tips for developing and fortifying a successful organization. Participants will leave with a renewed sense of hope, a new way to look at their approach to leadership, and the drive to obtain the level of success their organization was created to attain.

Jim Coyle, Certified EOS ImplementerCall Jim today to talk about your vision for your next event.

Real. Simple. Results.