By David Bowman

As most business people know, life is about choices.  We are generally a group of “deal with reality no matter how much it hurts” type of people.  2020 was gracious enough to provide us with a ton of opportunities to make choices.  The challenge is, left to our own devices, we don’t always choose well, but isn’t that the human condition?  The power of EOS® is that we’re never just left to our devices because we have a rooting understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish and the values that ground us in navigating situational ethics.  Even if we decide poorly, we recognize and can take comfort in the consistency of our intentions.  Most importantly, EOS allows us to learn from our human inconsistencies because we have a stable operating system.

Reflecting on the year, 2020 has brought herculean contributions for the good of others, from inspiring stories of healthcare workers providing end of life respite to patients whose family members weren’t allowed to comfort them, to the people who’ve donated time, money, and expertise to fill gaps that help their communities.  Many of you and your organizations are in this group.

We’ve also heard of the poor choices people have made that put brave essential workers in the unenviable position of having to confront those who are not in compliance with policies that are designed to keep them, their staff, and patrons safe.  Too often, these confrontations led to horrible behaviors that are reflective of our lesser angels.

The human condition can contain complex and competing responses from fear-based lashing out to love-based nurturing and caring for others all within the same person.  The good news is that we know we can tip the scales in our responses by thinking through and practicing how we want to respond.  Being purposeful makes it more likely that we work toward higher perspective outcomes than when left to our own devices.

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This is similar to the soldier who rushes into the danger rather than running away from it.  It has to do with military leaders creating a sense of purpose for a cause greater than oneself and training endlessly to perform to a battleplan.

This, too, is the genius of EOS (in my biased opinion) and why we are hearing stories all over the world about how EOS organizations are often thriving in times in which many are struggling.  It’s really the same concept of managing our human condition through strong leadership.  Simplifying, predicting, and prioritizing are essential to keeping us grounded in who we are and moving forward by being intentional about what we want to accomplish.

On behalf of the Nexus team, we wish you, your families, and your organizations nothing but great health, happiness, and prosperity in 2021.  We hope to see you in person soon.  Lead big and be intentional!

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