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From Jim’s weekly segment on WKZO’s (590am) morning show

Clarity before Commitment

February 22, 2018

Before you ask your employees to commit to the company’s vision, you need to make sure they are clear on just what the vision is. Allow them to ask questions so that they can understand exactly where you are going and their role in getting there. Jim explains how ambiguity can lead to disengagement.

With insight from Randy Taussig: Clarify First, Then Commit 

Are you missing this one habit?

February 15, 2018

Most Entrepreneurial Leader are missing one key habit. They are great at doing, but not so great at thinking. As Jim explains, this is a mistake that always comes back to bite them, eventually.

Looking Back During Annual Planning

February 8, 2018

Everyone knows that Annual Planning is about looking forward, but Jim discusses the importance of looking back too. It’s a great time celebrate all that you have accomplished in the past year. This generates excitement and gets your team connected and ready to take on the new year.

With insight from Mike Kotsis: Get Energized for Your Company’s Annual Planning Session

Giving Your Team the Gift of Your Presence

January 18, 2018

We pride ourselves on being multi-taskers. We couldn’t get everything done if we didn’t multi-task, but as Jim’s explains, there is a time and a place when it works. When you need to the hard work of thinking through a problem, or when you are working with your team, is neither the time or the place. Stop what you’re doing and listen to find out more.

With insight from Mike Paton: Be Where You Are When You Are There

Analysis Paralysis – Not good for businesses or squirrels

December 7, 2017

Using a colorful phrase from his friend, Greg Cleary, Jim discusses how the roads of the world are paved with squirrels that just couldn’t make up their minds. Businesses that suffer from analysis paralysis, and just cannot make a decision, stand to suffer a similar fate. Making no decision, is worse for your company than making the wrong decision. Listen to learn more.

Altering Your Reality

November 30, 2017

Thinking big can alter your reality. By acting like the company you want to be, not the company you are right now, you can push yourself and your team to create the organization of your dreams. Jim explains how the EOS 10-year plan helps make this happen.

With insight from Chris Jones: Thinking BIG

Avoid the Fray at 90 Days with Quarterly Planning Sessions

November 16, 2017

It’s in our nature to lose focus at 90 days. That’s why the Quarterly Planning Session is an essential piece of your leadership team’s arsenal. Jim explains how you can keep your organization on track by looking at how you did, and where you’re going every 90 days.

With insight from Gino Wickman: Are Your Quarterly Planning Sessions Rock Solid and Highly Productive?

Integrator: the person behind the person

November 9, 2017

Jim looks at the stark difference between the Visionary and the Integrator roles in an organization. While the Visionary is the big picture dreamer, the Integrators is the doer, the glue that pulls everything together. Companies that recognize the difference and have the right people in each seat are ready to go to the next level.

With insight from Mike Paton: Visionaries and Integrators – Part 1: Why Both Are Essential 


Boo! People Issues Are Scary, But They Don’t Need to Be.

November 2, 2017

As Leaders you have to deal with many issues, and often the ones that cause the most dread are people issues. They just seem so scary, but as Jim explains, they don’t need to be.

With insight from Mike Paton: Solving A People Issue Is Scary – But It’s Worth It 

Who Are You (as a buiness)?

October 26, 2017

Having a great culture starts with identifying your core values. Jim explains that sometimes we make this more complicated than it needs to be. While not easy work, it is as simple as identifying who you are as a company, what really matters. Once you have this, and have everyone crystal clear on the vision, you can’t help but have a great culture.

With insight from Chris Naylor: The Bottom Line on Company Values

Accountability is not Synonymous with Blame

October 19, 2017

Many people think of blame when they hear the word accountability, but Jim explains it’s more about getting to the root of what happened. Asking: how do you think that went? Collecting information to bridge the gap between how it did go and how it should have gone.

With insight from Ken Ritterspach: Don’t confuse Blame with Accountability


Your leaders are leading, now what do YOU do?

September 7, 2017

Last week Jim discussed leaving a leadership legacy by creating leaders that can truly lead your company into the future. Now that you’ve done that, what do YOU do? Since most entrepreneurs aren’t wired to ‘sit’, there is an urge to step back in and meddle. Instead of giving in to the temptation, realize this is your time to dig in and take your company to the level.

With insight from Sue Hakes: Leaving a Leadership Legacy (Part 2)

Leaving a Legacy That’s Greater Than Your Business

August 31, 2017

What will your legacy be? Jim discusses how it should be more than just your business. By surrounding yourself with good people and sharing your knowledge with them, they will become your leadership legacy.

With insight from Sue Hawkes: Leaving a Leadership Legacy, Part One

Culture – More than just a ping pong table in the break room

August 24, 2017

Jim discusses how developing and defining your company’s culture is hard work, but it is exceptionally important for your business. At the foundation of your culture, are your core values.

With insight from Gino Wickman: Building a Strong Culture-Simplified


Some Perspective On Perspective

April 20, 2017

We all have bias’ we may not even be aware of but being aware of them is essential to good decision making. Jim explains why.

Shoot for the Moon, but give yourself time for the journey

June 1, 2017

Most companies have that one big goal – the brass ring, the shoot for the moon, goal. But only the best companies put a realistic timeline on that goal, and break it down into challenging, but achievable quarterly goals. Jim explains why this is so important to being successful.

With insight from Preston True: Stretch Your Thinking To Tighten Up Your Results

Uncomfortable, but Necessary: Feedback

May 25, 2017

Giving feedback is often an uncomfortable thing to do, especially at work. Jim explores how it is necessary, and can be best handled by speaking the truth, in as few words as possible and then listening.

With insight from Mike Paton: Speak Truth in Few Words

Is Autopilot Steering You Astray?

May 11, 2017

Autopilot may have its benefits, but probably not in your business. Jim shares the experience of a company that got lulled into thinking ‘all is well’. You cannot coast for too long. You need a plan for when things change, as they invariably do.

With insight from Randy Taussig: Is Your Business Running on Autopilot

The ABCs of Employee Performance

With David Bowman – April 6, 2017

David joins us to discuss the ABCs (antecedents, behaviors, and consequences) of employee behavior. You may be surprised to learn that most leaders focus on the one that only yields 20% of the results. Listen to learn more.

With insight from Aubrey C. Daniels

Is Your One-Year Plan Biting Off More Than You Can Chew?

March 30, 2017

As humans, we have a limited attention span. Jim discusses how it’s hard for us to focus on a one year plan. Instead, he recommends breaking your goals into bite-sized, quarterly Rocks. In 90-day increments, we are less likely to become overwhelmed.


Want Change? Admit You’re Wrong.

March 23, 2017

Jim discusses how in order to have change, you first have to admit you’re doing something wrong. If you’re doing everything right, you wouldn’t need change.

With insight from: Mark Manson

Less Is More

March 16, 2017

Jim explores how stretching your thinking beyond just this quarter can tighten up your results. By looking at your 10-year target and breaking it down into 2.5% increments, you end up with a smaller number of tasks that are more likely to get done. Less is more.

With insight from Preston True: Stretch Your Thinking To Tighten Up Your Results.

Short Term Pain – The Importance of Being an Open and Honest Leadership Team

February 23, 2017

Jim talks about how important it is to be an open and honest leadership team. It’s not always easy, but remember, it’s always just an issue that you can work through. Short term pain leads to long term gain and success for your team.

With insight from Mike Kotsis: How to Become an Open, Honest Leadership Team

SLOW DOWN, To Solve Your Business Issues

February 16, 2017

Jim’s clients get excited when they learn about IDSing their issues – Identify, Discuss, and Solve. This tool helps them get through issues rapidly, but they must be cautious about moving too quickly. Jim explains why you need to slow down and make sure it is clear how an issue is going to be solved and by whom.


Being Intentional About Being Intentional

February 9, 2017

Jim discusses how you really have to work at being intentional about your intentions for the structure of your organization. If you don’t, your structure can appear to have been snapped together piecemeal, without clearly defined responsibilities and roles for your team.