Oh, The Life of a Visionary

As a visionary have you ever thought, “Everyone keeps telling me what I can and can’t do!  I own this place and at the end of the day I’m going to do what I think is best!”?

Before EOS

Oh, the life of a frustrated Visionary™.  On some level, we know that we frustrate people (did I mention that I own this place and can do what I want?). We also get frustrated because no one can go fast enough, nor do they seem to understand what needs to be done when, why, and by whom.  People wonder why we talk so much in meetings, but how else are they going to understand what needs to be done?

We like that people come to us with things because it gives us a chance to coach and align people with our thinking.  Yes, we introduce new concepts and ideas, but we’re just trying to get people thinking and performing at higher and higher levels.  At least we help them get started on how to implement new things, even if they do get frustrated because we don’t follow through or hold their hands through to completion.  We’re busy and something else demands or piques our interest (did I mention that I own this place and can do what I want?). Oh, the life of a frustrated visionary.

At the Beginning of EOS

Now, we have EOS® and everything is better, kind of, but only in an objective company, everyone’s accountable, performance by the numbers kind of a way.  We get it, the whole Integrator/Visionary thing, but it sometimes feels like we’re not allowed to do what we want (did I mention that I own this place and can do what I want?).

We can’t help it if employees come to us directly because they know we “get them” and their frustrations (oh great, another Implementor/Integrator™ meeting).  We used to jump in and help whenever we felt it was needed.  Now, we’re not always sure when we get to speak.  When do we get to exercise this great strength of not seeing the world as it is but as we want it to be?  We feel like a Maserati chained to a John Deere tractor.  Oh, the life of a frustrated visionary.

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After Fully Implementing EOS

Does this sound like the beginning part of your EOS journey?  Now, fast forward 12 months and beyond.  Imagine that you’re free from the day-to-day “we need you now” adrenaline rush that robbed you of time, talent, and energy.  You are now free to do what you do best—look to the future.

You now have a Leadership Team that you have total confidence in because the vision that you have in your head is now actively and consistently being pursued with a laser-like focus.  There’s no need to be the glue that explains the vision in drips and drab streams of conscientiousness.  You’re a part of things but are able to stay above it all, letting the team do their thing week in and week out.  You, like no one else, sees the connection between what everyone is working on and where you are leading the organization.

Now, instead of being the car, you’re the driver of a finely tuned machine.  You have more time for other interests, you’re making more money, and certainly, having more fun.  You’re constantly thinking of tweaks that push performance just a little bit further; you see things even more clearly because you’re encouraged and even liberated to do what you do best: think and imagine!

You’re free from minutia hell that you used to go through, and, as a result, everyone sees the real value that you bring, which is that big-picture leadership that is your G-d given talent.  Oh, the life of a visionary, now we love every minute of it! Did I mention that I own this place?

Next Steps

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About the Author:

David Bowman has over 25 years experience helping leaders and teams become their best. He is a believer in W.E. Demings's philosophy, "put a good person in a bad system and the system wins every time." David is passionate that EOS is that better system for entrepreneurial organizations.