Make Your Meetings Worth Every Minute

smiling business woman in a company meetingIn a perfect world we would be thrilled about the next meeting on our calendar. Excited for those riveting moments that take place while seeing our colleagues in action. Anticipating the course changes we may decide on that will have a profound impact on our company’s future. But that’s a distant world from the reality we live in.

I was preparing to lead a meeting of two dozen managers on being a great leader and manager. Just before the meeting began I heard someone grumble, “Meetings, meetings, meetings!” I had only heard it, and couldn’t make out who said it.

Typically, I’m put off by remarks like that. How can someone prejudge something they haven’t experienced? This time was different. What I heard out of this person’s mouth was absolute truth. It was an honest displeasure for meetings, time and time again. He was expressing a helpless here-we-go-again attitude. He had every right to share that opinion, and his statement was about to make a big impact on two dozen managers.

Why Meetings Suck

As the managers meeting began I was preparing to address the comment, “Meetings, meetings, meetings.” I knew this sentiment wasn’t just one person’s opinion.  I opened. “Thank you for this precious time we are going to spend together. Just before this four-hour journey got started, I heard someone say, ‘Meetings, meetings, meetings.’ Why do you think they said that?”

“Waste of time!”

“Don’t get anything done.”

“Doesn’t affect me.”

“Other things I could be doing.”

As each of these things was shared, I couldn’t help but to smile and agree. “You are absolutely right!” I said. “Waste of time, doesn’t impact me, why am I here! Meetings, meetings, meetings! And here you are, in another meeting. Today is going to be different. I promise I am going to help you have better meetings. I am going to help you become better leaders and managers. We need to make every minute of our time together absolutely worth it. So let’s begin.”

Meetings That Are Worth Every Minute

In EOS®, we help our clients gain Traction™ through a discipline called the Meeting Pulse™.  Within the Meeting Pulse there is a nearly perfectly crafted meeting agenda meant to help leadership teams get the most out of their time together on a weekly basis. It’s called the Level 10 Meeting™. The Level 10 Meeting is a brief 90 minutes—that’s less than four percent of your team’s 40-hour work week. That short time is filled with reporting, humanity, necessary conflict, and resolution.

This is what Level 10 Meeting Agenda looks like:

  1. Segue – 5 Minutes (no more). Sharing Personal and Professional News by each team member
  2. Scorecard – 5 Minutes (no more). Reporting each team member’s measurables, no discussion
  3. Rock Review – 5 Minutes (no more). Reporting whether your big priorities are on-track or off-track
  4. Customer/Employee Headlines – 5 Minutes (no more). Front page headlines of what is going on in the business
  5. To-Dos – 5 Minutes (no more). Report on whether your weekly To-Dos were done or not done, no discussion
  6. IDS – Identify, Discuss, and Solve Issues – 60 Minutes (be ready to end on time). Allow everyone to have a voice, share issues, have a say if needed, and solve them for good.
  7. Conclude – 5 Minutes (no more). Recap To-Dos, Cascading Messages, and Rate the Meeting:
    • Recap To-Dos – Actionables created from solving issues, making sure we understand what needs to be done this week
    • Cascading Messages – Anything we need to share with someone outside of this meeting
    • Rate the meeting – Scale of 1 – 10. How did we do as a team? If we are not above a 9, share your reason so we can be stronger next week.

This tool has given my clients an agenda to empower their employees with a voice on issues and resolutions, a pulse to know exactly how the business is doing every week, and a way to maximize everyone’s time in the organization with incredibly effective communication. It’s a meeting truly crafted to make every minute count.

A Meeting That Mattered

The meeting was nearly a 10 out of 10 across the board, a room full of individuals equipped to make the most of their team’s time, ready to lead and manage more effectively than before. A group ready to deliver Traction to the rest of the organization.

You can have meetings that matter. Your leadership team can take your meetings to a Level 10! If you’re ready to stop wasting time and start gaining Traction, let’s start a conversation.

Next Steps

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About the Author:

Ken Bogard joined Nexus Business Solutions with a background in turnaround management and business leadership. He has over 10 years of management and consultative experience in numerous industries. His “know honesty” approach has delivered significant financial gains, improved leadership collaboration, structured strategic direction, and developed “built-to-last” mentalities within numerous small and medium sized organizations.