December 3, 2013

Bailing Boat - Accounatability.jpg You have a team you manage. Your team is made up of good people but you find yourself getting frustrated often. They didn’t get done what they said they would, their staff is not accomplishing what they should, they are not hitting their goals, they are just not as accountable as you would like. Sound familiar? So, what do you do? Focus your efforts on making them successful.

In past posts, we have talked about having the right people (people who share the company values) and getting them into the right seat (Rock Stars at what they do).
Check out these past posts for a refresher. The problem we have seen lately among the teams we work with is they have the right people in the right seats but they still are not getting to where they want or need to go. The organizations that have solved this issue have very strong leaders who know their main job as leaders is to make their team successful. They are really good at leading and managing their people. We know that if you are great at leading and managing your team, that is when accountability happens. It is actually a by-product of you being a great leader and great manager – L + M = A.

Take the time this month to sit down one-on-one with your team and find out what you can do to help them be more successful. Just think where your company could go if all your leaders where reaching their true potential?

Make it a profitable Month.

Jim Coyle
Chief Advisor
Nexus Business Solutions

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