Young Couple walking On The Beach | how EOS could change your personal lifeRecently, I facilitated a Vision Building™ 1 session with a client. This is the second of the beginning sessions, and it had been 30 days since we had our Focus Day™ session. As always, we shared our personal and professional bests at the beginning of the meeting. The CEO began by saying, “My personal and professional bests are one and the same, and it’s EOS.”

He said, “I have always been a workaholic, but I came away from the first session with an understanding that I don’t have to carry the entire burden of the performance of our organization. I not only can but NEED to count on my team. In the last month, I have made it a point to get home on time. I’m eating with my wife and have started a healthy diet. As a result, in my most recent check-up with my doctor, my cholesterol numbers are coming down and my blood pressure is in a normal range. These are things I’ve always struggled with, but I never associated them with my work habits. I feel great even though I know we have significant challenges and we’re just scratching the surface!”

EOS Is Personal

Shortly afterwards, I shared that story with EOS founder Gino Wickman. I asked him, “You’ve created this fantastically effective system that creates focus and accountability to achieve a company’s highest goals. But it’s also a life-changing process that impacts people’s personal lives. Which aspect is more satisfying to you?”

Gino said, “I recently had an Annual Session with a client who has gone from a $500k loss to a $200k gain in their first year. I am so proud of them and what we have accomplished in such a short period of time, and I’ve been telling their story for a few weeks now. What you just shared about the personal mental and physical health impact of this journey, which we live alongside our clients—that touches me more deeply.”

When Companies Live the EOS Life

Gino reminded me that when we at EOS and Nexus talk about “living the EOS life,” we’re not just talking about the satisfaction and team health that comes from helping our clients—it’s helping the client to also live the EOS life.

It dawned on me that the performance of our clients and its impact on their personal lives are really the same thing. They are the yin and yang of each other. When we create intention around a crystal-clear vision with people we enjoy who share our values, we can become vulnerably accountable to a higher purpose: our shared vision.

Not only does this create a healthier and more enjoyable work life, we can’t help but carry that into our personal lives. That’s what it means to live the EOS Life!

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