February 3, 2016

Human Flying - Human Limitations.jpg I define a business as a group that takes human energy and creates value. Since humans are an integral part of any business, we need to think about their limitations. Actually, as humans, we have a lot of limitations. We can’t run 60 miles an hour, we are not able to teleport, and the one that upsets me the most, we can’t fly. One that is less obvious but just as much a limitation is we don’t have the ability to focus for more than 90 days.

This limitation is one of the main reasons strategic planning or yearly planning falls short. Picture this: You have this amazing plan with good goals, the team is all excited and everything starts off great. But, in reality, if they are good goals, they probably will take more than 90 days to accomplish. This is when the wheels start to come off. Part of what I do with EOS
is to ensure that accountability is actually a part of the 90-day world and not at 365-day world. Having 90-day priorities (or Rocks as we call them) is one of the main reasons that my clients get a majority of their goals accomplished. They chunk up the goals into bite sized / quarterly sized pieces. Then, we don’t have to worry about the wheels coming off since just about the time that is going to happen, your Rocks should be completed.

Make sure to set up your 90-day world and begin to structure your whole company around the limitations of your most important asset – the humans.

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