Good Parents Do This… 3 Quick, Timeless Tips to be an Effective Manager

Are your employees acting up? Not doing what you want them to do? Not getting the message?

Simply put, this one could be on you, and you need to own it before things get out of hand.

For centuries, there have been three tried and true methods for being a great manager; These methods include having a list of rules, repeating your expectations, and being consistent in your behavior to set a good example. These methods are remarkably similar to being a good parent.

Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) created by Dr. Thomas Gordon has had a profound impact on relationships between parents and their children for over five decades. It equips parents to be better communicators, resulting in better relationships, and generating the results you want in your household. In order to get those results in the workplace, you need to become like a good parent.

Method 1: A Handful of Rules

The first method is to have a handful of rules or guiding principles that you want your employees to abide by. Not 100 rules, just a handful of rules. In EOS®, our clients have between 3-7 Core Values. Our clients use those Core Values to help them achieve the behavior they want from their employees.

If you have no rules, you can expect chaos.

Method 2: Repeat Yourself Often

How many times does someone have to hear something before they truly hear it for the first time? SEVEN!

Sometimes, we have wildly unreasonable expectations of those we manage. For example, nine months ago, we created and shared a new policy at a company meeting. The topic was discussed for a good half hour, and the employees received the policy in a binder. In this scenario, we expect the employees to follow the new policy perfectly after essentially telling them one time 9 months ago.

That is not being fair to those you manage. So be fair, and mention it seven times with some reasonable cadence, and you can expect more compliance.

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Method 3: Be Consistent

If you curse like a sailor, your kids will perceive it as okay. If you duck out early on Fridays, your employees will be okay with ducking out early on Fridays. As you go, they go.

As a great manager, you have to walk the talk. Be consistent in your behavior, and those you manage will be more apt to follow suit.

If your actions are contrary to your words, prepare to remain frustrated.

Finally, Remember to Engage

It’s important to remember that each of these methods are a form of communication. The best communication is two-way communication, so create good engagement with each employee, allowing discussion and conversation to ensue.  Build an environment, where you are heard, and so are they.

How to be an Effective Manager

Be a good parent!

A big thank you to Grace VanDenBrink for all your help with this article!

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