April 5, 2016

Head to Heart.pngOver the years, as I have worked through my own personal journey I have been known to say, “The longest journey many of us take is the journey from our heart to our head”. Being able to articulate what we feel and help people understand who we truly are. I heard the reverse of this saying the other day from the operations leader (Jeff) on one of the teams I work with. He said, “There was a big shift for me this quarter. The values and work that we do, moved from my head to my heart.” He said that it has been life changing for him to move from thinking through a project to becoming passionate about the goal.

Wow. That is powerful. I love my job. I get to work with great people like Jeff and help them get to the point where they change their whole way of being. Like any of us, I can only inspire and teach. The hard work is done at the individual level. The power of this though has a very large rippling effect. An effect that Jeff has seen with his team. The best way to show someone something is to live it yourself. Be the example you want others to be.

The challenge most companies have is not that they don’t have great people like Jeff, but that it isn’t clear what the true passion of the company is. Or the priorities and goals that help the company live its passion are not clear. My clients are all at different stages of this journey but they are all on the right path. Doing the hard work that will help each and everyone one of them to move the work they do from their head to their hearts.

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