A couple of months back, I asked, “Do you and your scorecard measure up?”

If you rolled up your sleeves and can now answer with, “Darn right, Jim. We are dialed in!”

Then, it’s time to take it to the next level.  It’s time to get to the point where every team has a scorecard, every person in the business knows what they should be driving on a weekly basis, and they track the number(s) that indicates if they have done just that.

I was explaining this to a client of mine recently, and the Integrator asked, “Jim, is it worth all the work that it would take to make this happen?”

I said, “Only you and the team can decide that.”  I then took a long, dramatic pause and asked, “But would it be valuable to have each team member leave on Friday and know if they had a great week? Would it be of value to really know if you were getting a return from each member of your team? Could there be value in some of your teams feeling peer pressure?  Is there value in team members really knowing what ‘great’ looks like in their seat? If any of those are a yes, then I would think it would be worth the effort.”

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Okay, so maybe I was a bit tough on my poor Integrator, but ask yourself these same questions.  Would it be worth it for your organization?

If you answered yes, then the work begins: finding the number. Start asking your teams questions like: what makes for a great week?  What makes for a bad week?  Is there one thing that we do that drives value for our external or internal client(s)?  Get the team thinking about how they could measure the value they bring to the company.  Don’t let them worry about how they will get the data; if it is important enough, you can find a way to get the information. Step one is just finding the number.

Now that you have the number for each and every role, it’s time to set the targets for all. To be truly successful, you need to get to a point where Tom has a unique number, and Sally has a unique number.  Don’t arbitrarily give everyone the same goal.  In the real world, this isn’t how it works. Really help each person set their target. Great targets are challenging but achievable.

Scorecard, numbers, and targets, oh my! If you can get to this level, you will be an organization with high morale, a strong culture, and effective teams that drive value for all.  I’d say that’s worth rolling up your sleeves for.

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