Hello.  If you are in Michigan, or any of the other areas under “Shelter in Place” orders, then you are now at home (like me). Maybe with kids pounding on the floors (like me), or ones that come into your space every few minutes (like me).  However, just because we are at home, please know there is still important work to be done.  I have had conversations with many business leaders over the last week, and I am relieved and uplifted to hear that people are digging in and doing what has to be done in these tough times. 

I was concerned that there may be something my community was missing.  To this end, I was going to put together a list of items I think everyone should be thinking through as a team.  As I was compiling this list I came across Ken DeWitt’s post (Ken is a fellow EOS Implementer and friend). This post, entitled, An EOS Company’s Guide to Surviving Coronavirus, is awesome and hits all the things I wanted to say.

Please let me know if I can be a resource thinking through any of the topics Ken touches on. Remember, we are here to help.