By David Bowman

This strange time period we’ve been experiencing has provided an opportunity for reflections of my past experiences, and all the times I thought I had life figured out.

I began my post-Marine Corps career as an accountant, having earned my degree while serving.  Very quickly, I learned that I liked helping others solve problems, and I was eager to learn a structured process for adding value, but accounting was not for me.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to learn and apply a Total Quality Management system (I know, I’m old!) based on the Nissan continuous improvement system.  I had a variety of experiences from Fortune 100 organizations to mom and pop organizations and everything in between.

Getting Started with EOS

It took two decades to hone and refine what I thought was a holistic system that I felt gave consistent value to clients.  It wasn’t until I was running a company for one of my clients (I had been on the leadership team of two others) that I ran into the limitations of my own system.  I swallowed my pride and brought in Jim Coyle from Nexus to help. Though I could not convince the owner that we should hire Jim as an Implementer, I fell in love with the system.  I completely abandoned the system I created for the effectiveness, simplicity, and core values of EOS®.

During a recent Clarity Break™, which I encourage everyone to do more of not less during this time, I started wondering whether I still feel as passionate about the transformational impact as I did three years ago.  I wanted to do an objective overview by letting go of my investment in EOS both as my livelihood and the time I’ve invested in my journey to master EOS as an Implementer.

Recent Nexus IDS Sessions

The last few weeks have provided the answer.  I’ve both participated in and facilitated several Issue Solving sessions with national, state, and client-specific webinars, and I’ve discovered several truths:

  1. Many EOS organizations are taking advantage of their strength as well-led companies and are doing better in their markets than their competitors.
  2. The leadership team commitment to the discipline of staying strong in the 6 Key Components has been invigorated.
  3. EOS companies are tweaking their tools to meet today’s challenges without “throwing the baby out with the bathwater.”
  4. EOS companies are engaging as a community of like-minded, focused, and disciplined leaders to help each other with tips and ideas for how to get the most from their experiences.

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The following are just a few Issues that Nexus clients helped each other solve in the Nexus Client’s IDS Session we held on Wednesday, April 29th:

  • PPP Issues such as, “Should I renege on the loan because it ’no longer affects’?”
  • What are the things we should consider for the reentry plan?
  • Liability/Concerns about going ‘Back-To-Work’
  • Interdepartmental communication while working remotely has been challenging, what tools/tricks to help?
  • Sharing podcasts/uplifting items/social things
  • Reverse Accountability Charts
  • Can be a great time to rethink the hiring process
  • Taking advantage of a surplus of talent
  • Employees threatening that workplaces aren’t ’safe enough’
  • Differences in people’s willingness to come back to work due to personal safety concerns.
  • Activities for Furloughed Employees to keep them engaged.
  • What have we put on the backburner that we can revisit?
  • For move-up compliance and HIPPA trainings
  • Great time to work on the Three-Step Process Documenter™
  • Should our L10 Meeting Pulse™ change?
  • How can we make people better in this time?
  • Load balancing to help in other teams
  • Tweaking our Scorecards to reflect today’s challenges
  • Reinventing our business model due to COVID lessons learned and our new reality

In summary, I’m more convinced than ever that EOS is the best way for me to help business leaders and make a huge impact. I continue to be amazed by the impact on an organization’s ability to gain clarity around their Vision, the discipline and accountability required to create Traction®, and the level of cultural Health and transparency.

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Next Steps

  • Have you seen how IDS-ing with EOS can be powerful?  Please join Michigan Lead Now on Tuesday, May 5th, at 11 AM for a free EOS IDS webinar session. Register here.
  • Also, be on the lookout for a second Nexus IDS session in May. We will provide more details soon!