Cut to the ChaseAugust 4th, 2016

One of my favorite emails that I have ever gotten ended with the author saying, “Sorry the email was so long. If I had more time it would have been shorter.” How on earth does this make sense? He would have typed less words if he had more time? But, there is logic here if we look closer. The truth of the matter is it takes more time to boil something down and really get to the root of your point or the issue. Many times, we are just circle around the real message because we hadn’t really thought through what we want to say.

Why does Keeping it Simple Matter?

Simply put, things become clearer when we add more details and information, right? Simple answer? NO. Especially when we are talking about YOUR vision for YOUR company. The more succinct one can be, the more clear your message. I have found, through 12 years of helping companies create their visions, that one of the biggest obstacles to getting the vision shared by everyone was, simply, how it was communicated.

Boiling Down Your Vision

This is one of the big reasons I love EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). EOS has a tool called the Vision Traction Organizer® that condenses your vision down to 8 simple questions.

  1. Core Values: Who are we?
  2. Core Focus: Why we do what we do and what we do?
  3. Core Target: Where are we going as an organization?
  4. Marketing Strategy: Who is our ideal customer and what is the ideal message to attract that customer?
  5. 3 Year Picture: What do we look like in three years?
  6. 1 year Plan; What are the 3 to 7 things that have to get done this year?
  7. Rocks: What are the 3 to 7 priorities this quarter?
  8. Issues list: What is getting in our way?

I tell my clients, when answering these questions, that most if not all of their answers will be phrases. Just get it down to is rawest form and you will have created a powerful vision. One that will be easy to communicate and get your whole team really connected to.

Getting Your Vision Shared By All

The reason this is so important is that a vision is only useful if we are executing and implementing on the plan. This is many times more likely to happen if the vision is shared by all. Not shared with all but by all. Shared by all means that not only do people understand where we are going and how we are going to get there, but they are 100% behind it and want to see it happen as much as you do. This is why people do vision work but it is the thing that we see lacking in so many companies. It isn’t that they don’t have vision. It just isn’t shared by everyone.

Take the extra time to get your vision down to it’s simplest form so you can take advantage of having everyone in your company fighting to make your company great.

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