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Jim Coyle has over 15 years of helping companies obtain the level of success they were built to achieve. Jim has owned and operated many of his own small to midsized business operations (SMB) and realized that small businesses need their own set of solutions. Read more about Jim here.

Does Your Scorecard Measure Up?

I was recently working in a local coffee shop when one of my previous clients stopped at my table to announce that they had just revamped all of their Scorecards. He said that the process revealed the need to make some people changes. The exercise created real clarity and made their decisions easier, because they [...]

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Boo! People Issues Are Scary, But They Don’t Have To Be

There are many types of potential issues that can arise in business. However, when it comes to issues involving people, it gets a little sticky. Everybody tends to take these issues to a personal level, when that just doesn’t need to be done. In truth, if there is a person in your business who doesn't [...]

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Kind Of Right Is Totally Wrong

Can you guess the two words that can kill your company? It might surprise you, but the words you need to eliminate from your vocabulary are ‘kind of’. The words ‘kind of’ promote uncertainty and a lack of clarity, which can destroy your company's communication. You need to find ways to be straightforward in order [...]

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What Millennials Need

Business managers have to handle a lot of different personalities and different generations in their positions. One of these groups that is having many scratch their heads is trying to figure out what's up with those millennials? While some argue they are getting a bad reputation for no reason, it’s really very simple to motivate [...]

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Close The Complaints Department

Uncertainty around how to diffuse issues in the workplace is a common issue for most companies. Usually, the complaint department ends up becoming a space where employees can vent about their problems, but nothing actually ever gets solved. By eliminating your complaint department and actually getting to the root of an issue, you can truly [...]

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Is Duct Tape A Part of Your Problem Solving Arsenal?

You might not think that duct tape would be applicable to business solutions, but it really is. Many companies try to take on the role of MacGyver and use duct tape and band-aids to patch up their issues, without ever fixing the core problem underneath. Today, Jim shares the 5 easy steps to fixing your [...]

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Go Slow To Go Fast

Today we're adding another piece of the puzzle of growing a thriving business that you might not be familiar with, that being that you have got to go slow if you want to go fast. This idea can be implemented everywhere from cycling to running your business, but ultimately means that by doing the same [...]

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Entrepreneurs Would Make Horrible Fish

Entrepreneurs often get caught up with the shiny stuff which can distract them from the main focus of what makes their company great. The key is, you have to figure out what your core focus is and stay there. More companies die of indigestion and not staying focused than they do of starvation or not [...]

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The Monkey House

If you are in business, work for a business, are a manager or deal with a manager, you are going to want to hear this conversation. Many managers will end up taking on the problems and issues of their team, thinking they are helping out. But in reality, taking on your employees' ‘monkey’s’ can actually [...]

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