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Jim Coyle has over 15 years of helping companies obtain the level of success they were built to achieve. Jim has owned and operated many of his own small to midsized business operations (SMB) and realized that small businesses need their own set of solutions. Read more about Jim here.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get… Focused!

We find ourselves in uncharted waters, and now more than ever, your team needs you to lead them through to the other side. It can be overwhelming, but you didn’t get this far to only get this far. Our friends at 87plus put together this amazing infographic checklist to help you stay focused. We [...]

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Tips for Working From Home

Working from home?  Fear not! Working from home can be fruitful. It certainly was for Sir Isaac Newton. In 1665, the pandemic he experienced forced him to quarantine, and during that time, he developed some of his most groundbreaking theories. See the great article from the Washington Post,  “During a pandemic, Isaac Newton had to [...]

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Company Guide for Coronavirus

Hello.  If you are in Michigan, or any of the other areas under “Shelter in Place” orders, then you are now at home (like me). Maybe with kids pounding on the floors (like me), or ones that come into your space every few minutes (like me).  However, just because we are at home, please know [...]

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Your Scary Times Success Manual We hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and happy.  During times like these, we believe more information, not less, is helpful.  For years we have recommended this approach to our clients when things become uncertain.  To that end, we will be posting helpful material that you can freely [...]

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We Overcomplicate the Things We Don’t Understand

By Jim Coyle “Jim, we just need to make sure we get all the details and every part of the process documented, so people don’t mess it up anymore.” “I think we just need to give our clients more choices.  If we had 10 to 15 options, then they would get exactly what they want.” [...]

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The Secret Ingredient to Great Management

By Jim Coyle You could say I am a bit like the 5’-5” basketball coach when it comes to Leadership and Management.  I am pretty good at coaching great leaders and managers, but I wasn’t built to “play” the game myself.   This is where the story begins. I was working with one of my great [...]

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You Don’t Need Agreement, You Need Commitment

By Jim Coyle This blog post first appeared on EOSWW on 9/26. Lately, I have found that many of my clients are confused about what they really want from their teams.  They keep talking about the struggle they are having with getting agreement on their team.  They may say something like “my team is just [...]

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What Do You Geek About?

There was a fun promotion with libraries a few years back.  It was a national campaign that I was asked to be a part of for our local Kalamazoo Public Library.  For the campaign, I was asked, “What do you Geek about?”  The idea was our passions are the things that we show excitement for, and [...]

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Meetings Aren’t Bad

The truth is, you probably don't like meetings because your meetings are bad, not because they are pointless. Most people don't realize that company communication issues, whether you know it or not, are what take your meetings off focus. By creating a bulletproof agenda you can solve all your issues while keeping people accountable and [...]

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Duct Taping Your Issues

Instead of reaching for the duct tape and sticking band-aids over problems, have you ever thought about getting to the root cause of the issue? Rather than taking a MacGyver approach and treating the symptoms, you can develop a systematic approach to identifying and solving your core issues. Give yourself the gift of better operations [...]

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