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Ken Bogard joined Nexus Business Solutions with a background in turnaround management and business leadership. He has over 10 years of management and consultative experience in numerous industries. His “know honesty” approach has delivered significant financial gains, improved leadership collaboration, structured strategic direction, and developed “built-to-last” mentalities within numerous small and medium sized organizations.

Becoming a Super Bowl-Caliber Company

The door of the Super Bowl is only open to the best teams in the NFL. Along the journey to that one chance at greatness is a long road of discipline, grit, candor, and strategic planning. Much like the Super Bowl, business success is only enjoyed by the best companies. These companies also experience a [...]

Friend Zone at Work: Can You Be a Buddy AND a Boss?

Just when you thought that you entered the relationship of your dreams, you get thrust into the “Friend Zone.” Ask anyone you know who has experienced the Friend Zone and you’ll learn real quick that it’s one of the most frustrating places to be. But I’m not talking about romance. There’s also a professional Friend [...]

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Is “West Michigan Nice” Hurting Your Business?

“West Michigan nice.” It’s one of the phrases you understand well if you live in West Michigan. West Michigan nice is this strange cultural loophole around issues where you can’t seem to get full honesty from your closest neighbor, your coworker, and sometimes even your family. It's a comfort for some and a pain point [...]

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Evolve or Go Extinct

By Ken Bogard August 17, 2017 Refusing to change can kill a business. Ken discusses how companies have to be aware of what needs to change, and be willing to make the changes. This will help them evolve into a stronger organization.

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You Won’t Get a Stronger Business by Doing the Same Thing

By Ken Bogard Have you ever witnessed a business crumble right before your very eyes? Have you ever seen an organization with potential that went absolutely nowhere? Some businesses fail and some businesses with full potential sit locked away. There are many reasons why businesses fail: under-capitalization, poor leadership, adverse market trends, lack of customer [...]

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Don’t Blame the Sales Team for Poor Sales

When a salesperson doesn’t make the sale, doesn’t close the deal, doesn’t have the numbers, or doesn’t bring the fire you had hoped for, what’s your reaction? “She’s a bad saleswoman!” or, “Does he even care about being a salesman?!” That’s a completely normal reaction, but it shouldn’t be more than a fleeting thought. [...]

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7 Communication Problems Your Company Doesn’t Know It Has

By Ken Bogard In 2002, professor Bob Frey of Grand Valley State University told us, “Communication is the primary issue in organizations today.” He told the room of upcoming college graduates that business leadership teams and departments constantly struggle with alignment, simply because of poor communication. At that time, I wasn’t buying it, and I chalked [...]

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