About Ken Bogard

Ken Bogard joined Nexus Business Solutions with a background in turnaround management and business leadership. He has over 10 years of management and consultative experience in numerous industries. His “know honesty” approach has delivered significant financial gains, improved leadership collaboration, structured strategic direction, and developed “built-to-last” mentalities within numerous small and medium sized organizations.

Your Team Needs More Moments of Truth

Do you find moments of truth to be elusive in the workplace? Even if you’re at a place that is ethical and are surrounded by people that aim to do the right thing, the truth can still be elusive. And when we don’t have complete truth in the workplace, perception wins. I want to share [...]

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Make Your Meetings Worth Every Minute

In a perfect world we would be thrilled about the next meeting on our calendar. Excited for those riveting moments that take place while seeing our colleagues in action. Anticipating the course changes we may decide on that will have a profound impact on our company’s future. But that’s a distant world from the reality [...]

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The Magic Bullet for Greatness Isn’t Magic

Maggie was poised and ready for her first day as Marketing Manager for a large toy supplier. She had a series of questions during her first meeting with her Director, Doug. She asked, “What are your expectations for me in this role?” “I expect you to be great!” Doug said with confidence. “I can be [...]

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Your Company Needs More Issues!

Your ability to tackle issues directly correlates to your company’s ability to succeed. No matter the size, complexity, financial strength of your organization, it will have issues, known and unknown. Your company’s success doesn’t rely on having no Issues, but on your employees’ ability to identify and solve the Issues that exist. If your company [...]

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What If Your Company Leader Is Sinking the Ship?

In the beginning of my sessions with leadership teams, I preface our time together by saying, “If you have that little voice inside of you, that little piece of you that says I should say something, then say it. We can’t afford to not know the true condition of your organization.” I say this, because [...]

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Becoming a Super Bowl-Caliber Company

The door of the Super Bowl is only open to the best teams in the NFL. Along the journey to that one chance at greatness is a long road of discipline, grit, candor, and strategic planning. Much like the Super Bowl, business success is only enjoyed by the best companies. These companies also experience a [...]

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Is “West Michigan Nice” Hurting Your Business?

“West Michigan nice.” It’s one of the phrases you understand well if you live in West Michigan. West Michigan nice is this strange cultural loophole around issues where you can’t seem to get full honesty from your closest neighbor, your coworker, and sometimes even your family. It's a comfort for some and a pain point [...]

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You Won’t Get a Stronger Business by Doing the Same Thing

By Ken Bogard Have you ever witnessed a business crumble right before your very eyes? Have you ever seen an organization with potential that went absolutely nowhere? Some businesses fail and some businesses with full potential sit locked away. There are many reasons why businesses fail: under-capitalization, poor leadership, adverse market trends, lack of customer [...]

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Don’t Blame the Sales Team for Poor Sales

When a salesperson doesn’t make the sale, doesn’t close the deal, doesn’t have the numbers, or doesn’t bring the fire you had hoped for, what’s your reaction? “She’s a bad saleswoman!” or, “Does he even care about being a salesman?!” That’s a completely normal reaction, but it shouldn’t be more than a fleeting thought. [...]

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