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David Bowman has over 25 years experience helping leaders and teams become their best. He is a believer in W.E. Demings's philosophy, "put a good person in a bad system and the system wins every time." David is passionate that EOS is that better system for entrepreneurial organizations.

5 Indicators That Your Company Has Hit the Ceiling

I recently had a conversation with a business owner at a coffee shop who has created a very successful and progressive organization with a very cool culture that reflects his personality. Just that morning, he had heard about EOS® from a peer and thought it could solve some of his challenges. He said that as [...]

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One Company’s Sure-Fire Method to Avoid Growth

Years ago, I was calling on the owner of a fairly good-sized manufacturer. He proudly gave me a tour of his facility, commenting on each department. He clearly understood the areas that were working, as well as the challenges he faced—including the role of his leadership team, which consisted of working managers. When we got [...]

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The Science of Measured Management

I recently read about two studies that reveal how companies that see the best performance  are the ones that use professional management techniques as defined by setting targets, rewarding performance, and measuring results. One of the studies was based on an analysis of companies that died, survived, and thrived during the “great recession.” [...]

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EOS and the ABCs of Employee Performance

By David Bowman Great organizations are better at understanding the dynamics of human behavior—internally and externally—than their competitors. Yet, developing employee performance predictably and consistently is one of the greatest challenges of building a great organization. It’s not just an art, it’s a science! […]

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