Altering Your Reality

When you think small, your business will never be able to grow. This is why it is important to have a visionary, the person on your team who is thinking on a much grander time horizon. These visionary thinkers are your key to helping the rest of your team start to think a little bit bigger about what you can accomplish.

By thinking large, and pushing yourself to focus on goals that seem too big to be true, you can push your company to become the company you want to be. Instead of staying stagnant, use the power of big thinking to alter the way your company thinks about their reality. Don’t be afraid to push out of your comfort zone, no business ever became great by playing it safe.


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About the Author:

Jim Coyle has over 15 years of helping companies obtain the level of success they were built to achieve. Jim has owned and operated many of his own small to midsized business operations (SMB) and realized that small businesses need their own set of solutions. Read more about Jim here.