Dog Pickup his own PoopJuly 6, 2016

“A Need Seen is a Responsibility Given”. Awesome quote and a great way to describe an organization where everyone is fighting for the greater good – the company.

Tom Burt (from Duncan Aviation ), who was there the day I heard this, and I were trying to remember whose quote this was. I thought it was him but alas it was not. We both agreed that although the quote will go fatherless, it was one great way to describe a healthy company.

What Does this Look Like in Organizations?

We have all been in organizations where the team or at least some of the team members, live by this rule. You’ve seen it when a restaurant server picks up trash on the ground or another sales associate brings out a box of shoes for a peer. It happens when the focus of a meeting is all about accounting and yet members from other departments are still engaged and wanting to help. You can even hear it when you are on with customer service and the person is trying to do whatever they can to help solve your issue. Don’t you wish this happened more? In the 12 years of being a business advisor (Happy anniversary, Nexus!) and more recently doing that work through EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System), we have found that this happens mainly due to everyone in the organization being connected to the larger purpose or vision of the company.

Communicating Your Vision

Years back, I was talking with an owner about this very subject. To his chagrin, we were talking about there being a lack of a real connection to the higher purpose of the company. I knew he had a purpose since I had worked with him and his team to unearth it. As we talked further, I realized the problem was he wasn’t regularly telling everyone the vision. “You need to tell them over and over again”, I told him “if you want them to understand and really believe it.” It helped that he had already boiled it down to its simplest form (see next months post on why this is important) but he was failing to share it with everyone and really helping them to see why it was important for them individually.

The first step is to get you and your Leadership Team, 100%, on the same page with where the organization is going and how it is going to get there. Then, you need to have quarterly meetings (yep, 4 times a year), to go over this information and help your people see why it is so important. These meetings don’t have to be long. They need just enough time to help everyone to get more connected to the company and where it is going. Once you do this, make sure your leaders are using and keeping the vision top of mind in their departmental meetings and team interactions.

Larger Impact

Your company affects so many more lives than just the ones that work there. How much more of a powerful force could it be if all the members of your team were fighting for the greater good and living by the principle of “A Need Seen is a Responsibility Given”.

Next Steps

  • Setup a 90 Minute Meeting with Jim to see a tool set that can help you have this for your company.
  • Read another post about the topic and what it looks like when everyone is fighting For the Greater Good.

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